Soul Searching in Beautiful Belize / by Erin Hollaway Palmer + Brian Palmer

Erin and I traveled to Belize last summer and fell in love with Punta Gorda, in the so-called Deep South. Our guesthouse was just steps from a historic cemetery where prominent Belizeans are buried. We saw very quickly that the forces of nature that chew up and destroy un- or underattended burial sites here in Virginia chew even harder, faster, and deeper in hotter and wetter places. This creates eerie surprises. We investigate one in this video.

This wasn't our first video outing with a GoPro, but it's the first short we've put together with GP footage. We're now using the camera for Make the Ground Talk videography in Va. —BP

P.S. A GoPro may be able to go anywhere, but it has neither an LCD nor a viewfinder. You can use your iPhone as a screen by way of the GoPro app, but we were afraid we'd drop ours in the murky Caribbean (no crystalline waters on this stretch of coast)—so we were shooting blind. —EHP